There are many android phones you can find in 2016. Each must have been made to offer various useful features for you. You might have thought that all of them are great to choose. However, not all of them are the best for you. The best android phone 2016 for you should be the one that meets your needs and expectations the most. In order to find one, you need to pick it by basing your consideration on some certain key features. Let’s see what those key features could be here.

The Processor of the Phones

Just like how important processor is for computers, processor is very important for phones. As you know, processor is central processing unit. The higher processor operating frequency, the more it can do heavier multitasking and the most it can be quick in its responsiveness and operation. See? From here, you should have been able to imagine that processor is very important for android phones. What should we choose then? We can’t be careless about it after all.

If you ask the best processor available, we would say that it would be Quad Core. It works real fast, making it possible to even play game with excellent graphics. Usually, android phones with Quad Core processor are higher in price. If you want more affordable price, you can go with Dual Core processor instead. However, if you only use phone for simply basic needs, you can go with the one with lower processor than Dual Core.

The Technology that You Need

Indeed, choosing the best android phone should be based on users’ needs. Buying expensive high-tech phone with various advanced features will only make you spend money for something you don’t really need if most features are not necessary for you. So, it is always better to choose the phone that has everything that you will be sure to use. For example, you want to get android phone that can produce high-quality pictures.

In that case, you will need android phone with high mega-pixel camera. Choosing this way is the key to pick the best android phone just for you. All you need to do is to think about what you really need the phone for. It should neither be less featured nor be more featured than what you need. This way, it can help you narrow down the choices to few phones. Of course, you will still have to narrow them down again based on other things too.

The Size and Quality of the Screen
Best Android PhoneSpeaking about android phones’ screen size, it ranges from 3 inches to 5 inches. However, it seems that 4 inches screen size has become very popular in touchscreen android phones. Well, it is ideal size for such phone after all. It is neither too big nor too small for you to use. If you like such size, you can immediately go with 4-inch android phones. When it comes to the screen, you will have to put more concern on its quality as well.

Why, of course, it is because low screen resolution wouldn’t be good sight to see. The higher the resolution is, the better the degree of detail visible in the image. Anyone would want to get phone that can offer rich, clean, vivid image. It is not only about viewing things only. High screen quality is important to allow you watch high-quality videos too. So, we would suggest you to go for android phones with 1280 x 720 (720 pixels).

The Memory Capacity of the Phone

When choosing electronic devices, we are sure that you wouldn’t leave the discussion about memory capacity out. As you might know, the lower the capacity, the fewer the files you can store inside the phone. Although we don’t usually need as much capacity as in computers or laptops, you will still need enough capacity in the phone. It should be spacious enough to let you keep music, videos, photos, and other files as well.

All you need to do is to find the one with higher internal memory storage possible among android phones that you have been narrowed down so far. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the phone allows you to add expandable memory storage. This way, even if you are running out of internal storage, you can still have more space from external storage. You better not forget to look up this information from the phones.

The Battery Life Provided by the Phone

Just like how important it is to know the memory capacity of certain device, it is also important for you to know the battery life of that device too. We are talking about hand phone here. Without being connected with wires, its life depends on the battery in it. So, your concern should be to find out how long the battery of the phone can last for you. You don’t have to worry for the information of battery life is made known to us.

Best Android Phone Battery Life

However, even when you have known the length of the battery life, you can try to compare between battery talk time and standby stats. It will help you figure out the battery consumption of the phone. If you are going to use it often for work or other occasions, you will have to make sure to choose the phone with the longest battery life from the list of phones you are trying to narrow down to get the best one of all. Be sure to consider it.

The Weight and Size of the Phone Body

This is the last key point we want you to consider when narrowing down android phones. Speaking about weight and size, you must have known that we are going to find out which phone is most portable for you. Although hand phones are portable due to its small size to begin with, they still range from the bulky to the compact ones as well as from the heavier to the more lightweight ones. You will have to put your concern in it.

Even if it is hand phone that you are choosing, we are sure that you won’t feel comfortable using one that feels bulky and heavy on your hand. Mostly, people prefer to look for one with compact, lightweight design. Why, of course, it is because it is easier to use hand phone with such design. You won’t feel inconvenient for bringing it along with you anywhere you want this way. So, you need to try choosing the weight and the size that fit you the most and the best of all.

To Sum Up

Indeed, there are many things you have to consider when it comes to choosing and picking the best android phone 2016 among the available phones in the market. Right from the phone’s central processing unit to simply phone’s portability, all should be compared to each other so that you can find which one is better than the others. Well, of course, you will need some effort and time to do so. However, it is worth to do so that you can find one worth to spend every penny. Isn’t that right?

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