You might looking for some recommended apps that need you install on your Android phone, then you are getting very lucky since I have some recommendations that might interest you to install it on your system. This list is containing some free and paid apps, so be aware on choosing it. All of the apps are coming from our recommendation and testing, so don’t worry because all of them are high quality one. Without having much further to do, let’s check the app.


You probably already have the weather feature built on your calendar app, but not all of them are really accurate and this one is probably the best weather app on Android. The interface is very simple clean, but it shows the entire thing that you need. You can see the current weather until the next 12 weeks of weather. The customizable widget is also great to place it on your home screen. The app is free but it has some ads, and you could get rid of them by buying the full version of it.


Sometimes connected to any strange WIFI or network might be not really that safe because there might be some people who are monitoring what you are going to do. This app is one of greatest thing that you can depend on protecting you on getting the safer zone on using of your phone. The service is pretty strong and means that there would be no person that can track you. its included many locations that you have, but the app is not free and you have to make monthly paid.

Google Drive Suit

This one is the new app that Google prepare to make the user easier to access their cloud system. The app is free to download, but you need to make some services in order to get better spaces. Basically the new users are getting free 15 GB online storage and it could be more if you make the services. For me it’s already good enough for back up some important data and also your apps, but it would be different if you want to place some music and videos.

Google Maps

Don’t let yourself get lost because you could search or find any direction that you want with Google Maps. I have to say the app is pretty complete with so many great features. it could show when the bus or train arrived or you could just see some recommendation places on it. Anything about direction is available here.

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