I guess this is the most asking questions that many people are asked. Some of them are worry that they device might be vulnerable from any malicious attack or virus. Android might be an open source OS, but doesn’t mean that it’s entirely safe. There are many malware that want to attack your phone for stealing of your important data and then sell it to another person. But you don’t need to worry because it is not that bad and there are some prevention that you can do to make it safe.

Third Party App Installation

Never ever let yourself make any installation for any app beside than installing it from Playstore because I am afraid that the app might be containing some malwares. Playstore is really safe because Google is doing some check before the app is published, but you don’t get this thing on any other app store. It does not mean all of them are bad, but making any prevention is always good.

Update The OS

Many companies are providing monthly update for the OS and this is the biggest chance for you in securing of your phone. New update means better security and it also comes with new security update that bring new enhancement for new type of malware attack. Its free to do, so don’t let yourself caught off with it.

Controlling The Permission

The new Android version is coming with better customization on controlling the app for accessing of our phone. When you are installing some new apps you would see what kind of permission that it must to have to make it running. Some of them are actually not too important to let in and you could make it better by controlling each one of them.

Lock Some Important Apps

There is the feature that let you lock some wanted apps that you feel is important. Just go to setting and make a whitelist for it. It is simple to do, but really important for your safety. You could start by locking of your gallery, contact, and even all of your social media if you are having some important stuff on it.

Account Set Up

Android is really good on privacy because it lets us on making separate account for separate users. Just make a new account for your children and start limiting some of apps that you feel unnecessary.

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