You could see on the some forums that people showing of you on how to easily root your Android and badly there are so many people want to root of their devices without knowing the effect to their smartphone. You should know that rooting of your phone would give you the entire access to your system means that you are not the only person who is having that access, but also your friends and even for some bad apps that would easily access your private data. I will show you some reasons for not to root your Android, so you might need to decide whether you should do it or not.

Voiding The Warranty

There are many people seems not too aware of this problem because maybe just because we cannot find it on the manual. But, you should to know that by rooting your phone means that the warranty on your phone would be completely void. You actually can unroot it in the short time, but you will never able to do it if something bad happen to your device before you unroot it. The companies are pretty strict and they have a tool to detect it, so you cannot much anything with it.

Security Risks

Like I said before, you are not going the only one having the right access to your system. There are so many malwares that ready to attack your device and having a root Android means giving them easier access to your system. They do not need to open or break the door since you already open it for them. They would end up stealing all of your data and black mailing or even the worst , they can sell it to another person.


Many companies are providing a security on their system where they would detect any chance on the system. Once they found some changes on the system, they would not allow you to get any future firmware update anymore as long as it is still rooted. Be aware that updating your firmware is should be done periodically in order to get the better protection for your system.


Yeah, rooting your device is not as easy as you think. If you are on Nexus, then you should be lucky since the process is far easy and you just need a one click and its done, but other devices such as from Samsung and Sony would need long road to do it and for the worst it might brick your devices.

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