Buying a smoker is not an easy job since there are so many things that you having to consider. It is like buying a smartphone where you really need to think it over and over before you really decide to go for it or now. You also need to know that some cooking tradition or recipe is not always compatible with one smoker and another and even some of them need a specific approach in order to get the best result. Electric grill in my opinion is one of the best ways to achieve that things because we could easily get taste that we want without having put much effort on doing or preparing anything. It uses electricity as the power source, so you do not need to prepare some woods or anything again. Here, you only have to put your food and then set the right temperature for it. You do not need to always look for it because it is free and save from fire and any dangerous thing. Just leave it there and wait until it is cooked. You probably know that choosing the right temperature is so important in getting the best taste for our food and you are able to set it easily here. If you are still considering which one to buy, here I put some good list that might be so interested to see.

Smokin It Model 1

This is one of the best choices that I could recommend to you because of its great portability. The unit is small and really easy to carry around. I really love the packaged when the unit was coming to my house, I do not have to put my effort on assembling it because it was already assembly. The temperature also is really good with the great choices between 100 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The only thing that bothers me is the capacity which is not too pretty big. It comes with a dip pan, a thermostat for the controlling the temperature and two grilling packs for placing your foods. The built quality is very top notch with the fully material is made from steel and glass that looks very nice on keeping the temperature and also giving a very nice look on it. The best feature that coming to the smoker for me is the LED indicator which is for me is working so well in displaying everything. You probably might know that repairing a smoker is not an easy thing to do because the replacement is tough to find and expensive. But, you just have to change the heating element that easy to find and also very cheap.

Masterbuilt 2# Smoker

Masterbuilt has been so many years in providing very good choices for an electric smoker. Never ever questioning about their product quality because all of them are so good and their after sales market is also better than any other companies. If you have any damage, just bring it to them and it would be repaired shortly. This machine is really perfect for a big barbeque party since it can hold much food on it. The rack itself is very big with almost 1.7 cubic feet. If you someone that always forget about food that you are cooking, then you should be very lucky because Masterbuilt smoker has 24 hours timer which can be set easily to your needs.

The best thing that we can find here is the easy access which is designed for an easy access for adding some wood chips to your food. You do not have to open it completely for just adding wood chip on it. One thing that you should consider before buying this machine is the heat element that cost so expensive for the replacement. But do not worry because it is probably last longer than what you think.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

The last unit that would recommend would be Old Smokey Electric Smoker. I recommend it for you because the price is considerably cheaper than most mid-range choices that we could find on the market. You are going to love this smoker since it comes with the heating coils that could be access easily on giving some flavor to your foods. The spaces on the inside is pretty big, I do not think that it would that big when it’s coming. There is the level on the inside and you could even fit turkey if you want.

I would totally recommend it for you if you are a beginner. One thing that you should know is, there are many people complaining that the unit is looks like a steamer than a grill. I did not have any that problem on it, but it might be best not to look this one for a skilled person.

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